ClassicSoft is a dynamic web site and application development firm that maintains close and honest long-term relationships with companies that are looking to improve how they run their business.

If you are a developer or have developers working for you, we can help you!

We provide the following services for developers:

Creating or Reviewing Coding Standards
We can help your company setup coding standards that will ensure the highest quality of code.  Coding standards give your developers guidance on how to develop software that is consistent and maintainable.

Coding standards should include things such as naming conventions, code style, comment requirements, error handling, and much, much more.

Create or Review Development Processes
Proper development should follow a consistent process.  This process is typically known as a "Life Cycle".  Without proper processes in place, projects have a higher probability of failing.  Processes should cover everything from requirements gathering to testing.

Performing Code Reviews
Code Reviews are an extremely important part of the development process.  Code reviews help to ensure the quality of the software is consistent and meets the standards you have put in place.   If you've outsourced your development, we can take a look at it and let you know if you got your monies worth.

Not sure it's worth it?  Send us a small sample of your code, such as a method or small class and we'll send you an analysis of that code for FREE!

Optimization Services
Code running slow?  SQL Query running slow? We can help.  We can help you find the bottlenecks in your code or query and recommend the best approaches to fix them.

Debugging Assistance
If you've been fighting a bug and you're stuck, we can help!  We have 28 years of experience of debugging software! 

Developer Tool Reviews and Recommendations
Developing software can be a time consuming and tedious task if you're not using the right tools.  We can look at the tools you are currently using and help you find the best tools to help you be more productive.

Additional Developer Resources to assist on projects.
Generally adding additional resources on a project when it's behind schdule isn't going to help.  However, we specialize in rescuing failing projects.  We can come in, asses the situation and let you know if additional developers will help save your project. 

We understand that you may be reluctant to seek ouside help for your project, however, we are very good at what we do.  If you have any questions, or would like us to prove the value of our service, please drop us an email.  We will be more then happy to demonstrate our abilities.

Prices for these services are negotiable and typically is based on the amount of work required. 

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